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Beginning in eighteenth century Ireland and then set against the background of a burgeoning America, The Wind That Shakes the Corn tells the story of the feistiness of Scots Irish immigrants, and the heart-held faith and courage that led their struggle toward individualism in America. Nell Dugan's hatred, but also her love and determination, spotlights the Irish, both Protestant and Catholic, who bring to Revolutionary America age-old grudges against longtime English rule.

On Nell's wedding night in Ireland, English soldiers abduct her from the arms of her Scottish Lord and throw her on a ship, slave-fodder for a West Indies sugar plantation. But Nell uses her beauty and cunning to seduce the plantation owner's son who sneaks her away to pre-revolutionary Philadelphia where she agrees to marry him, keeping secret her marriage to the Scottish lord she truly loves, and swearing to pay back the English not only for her own kidnapping but also for her mother's hanging two decades earlier.

A story of love, hate, revenge, and the ever-hovering choice to forgive.


Christus Lecture at Spring Hill College on February 25, 2016. Kaye Hinckley and Dr. Ron O'Gorman on The Literature of Belief--https://youtu.be/cjao-bjQ5Lo


On Oct. 16 from 6--7:30 pm, The Garden District Book Shop in New Orleans will feature "The Literature of Belief" with Kaye Park Hinckley, and Dr. Ron O'Gorman, author of Fatal Rhythm. Come see and hear us!

June 24, 2015.  At Porter and Luke's Restaurant in New Orleans to address St. Catherine's Women's Club. Topic: Grace and the Catholic Imagination.

Oct. 30, from 5:30 - 7:30 at the new Georgia Writers Museum in Eatonton, GA. Come visit with me and hear about Birds of a Feather.<< New text box >>

On Oct. 4, visit with Kaye Park Hinckley and Dr. Ron O'Gorman (Fatal Rhythm) at the Mobile Diosesan Women's Conference, Mobile, AL.<< New text box >>

St. Louis Marian Conference 2015

The January 2015 Saint Louis Marian Conference adopted the title of my novel, A Hunger in the Heart, as its theme--and I will be a speaker at the conference. More about this wonderful conference coming! Click image for more information, or go to



The following article is from Bookends, a newsletter published by The Friends of the Library at Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL.

The Catholic Imagination 
and Catholic Fiction: 
Panel Discussion


A little more than a year old, Tuscany Press, LLC has a special niche: publishing Catholic fiction. What better place to explore the nature of this fiction and the need for it than at Spring Hill College. Serving on the panel were the Press's founder and publisher, Peter Mongeau; Joseph O'Brien, Tuscany editor; Dr. Michael Piafsky (English Department, SHC); Jesuits Fr. Viscardi and Fr. Williams; and Tuscany authors Ron O'Gorman and Kaye Park Hinckley.

Fr. Williams, Kaye Park Hinckley, Ron O'Gorman, Dr. Matthew Bagot, Joseph O'Brien, and
Peter Mongeau (l. to r.)


After searching unsuccessfully for realistic, artistic, contemporary Catholic fiction, Peter Mongeau launched Tuscany Press to publish good well-written fiction that captures the imagination of the reader, reflects the Catholic imagination, and includes both a Catholic theme and a protagonist who grows to have a deeper understanding of a moral truth and God. 


Two Tuscany authors discussed why and how their novels are Catholic. For author Kaye Park Hinckley (A Hunger in Heart, Tuscany Press), all characters are good because God made them. They also have free will, and are equally capable of falls or epiphanies. The task for her is to interlock characters and God's presence (grace). Dr. Ron O'Gorman is a member of the Friends Literary Events Committee. As a writer he feels a responsibility to tell a compelling, well written, honest story but, as a Catholic writer his responsibility is to infuse his Catholic world into his work. His novel (Fatal Rhythm, Tuscany Press) is currently in the editing stage. 


Hosted by Spring Hill College's English Department and advertised in part through the Friends' social network software, the discussion was outstanding-of interest not just to writers, publishers, editors, theologians, students, and English professors, but to everyone who thinks.



Free Article and Short Story for Readers

A lot has been said recently about The Catholic Imagination. If you'd like me to send you an PDF article with my own views concerning The Catholic Imagination, please go to my Contact page and request it.





"Kaye Park Hinckley's novel, A Hunger in the Heart, is a story of hope, forgiveness, and redemption. It's a great read in the tradition of southern fiction."

Winston Groom, Author of Forrest Gump and Shiloh, 1862



"Kaye Park Hinckley is a writer with a sensitive ear and a keenly developed sympathy for her characters.  Her debut novel, A Hunger in the Heart, marks the beginning of a promising career in the  world of fiction. 


Mark Childress, author of Georgia Bottoms and Crazy in Alabama



"In the tradition of Flannery O’Connor, Robert Penn Warren, & Walker Percy, A Hunger in the Heart by Kaye Park Hinckley brings alive the south and the search for meaning and forgiveness."


Peter Mongeau, Publisher, Tuscany Press



Hinckley's characters are complicated. They've done horrible things, witnessed horrible things, been the victims of horrible things, yet they continue rising each morning and putting one foot in front of the other. They fulfill their obligations to each other while these horrible things gnaw at them from the inside out. Hinckley deftly presents the repulsiveness of her character's actions, while also revealing her characters' drive toward love. Fully developed plots and well-rounded characters.   --Lake Oconee Living

The short stories in Birds of a Feather are richly imagined tales full of finely drawn characters who demonstrate how people estranged from faith can bumble through life so distracted by worldly horrors and delights, so full of  themselves, that they don't even notice faint nudges of grace that stir in their souls or recognize subtle emanations of the holy that abound in the world around them.--The Catholic World Report